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Wisata Bahari Lamongan, A Great Sea-side Amusement Park

New Icon of Lamongan
Since 2004, Lamongan has proclaimed itself to be one of the must-visit tourism destinations in East Java, Indonesia. The long legendary Daendels Road across the north coast of Java Island has been no longer tedious –just right on the spot of Lamongan territory- since a great vacation place was built and developed increasingly.
It is Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL) that has made up a significant breakthrough to Lamongan tourism record. As known from its name, WBL delivers a marine tourism experience that brings about special sensation to its visitors, coming over not only from East Java, but also from outer regions.
WBL combines both marine tourism and conventional tourism concepts all together as one. Facilities we commonly find on an amusement park, we got them all at WBL. Further, it is more distinctive as WBL embrace them with sea-side touch. Yes, they are comprised in a one-stop vacation concept. What a sensation.
Lots of people visit WBL on weekends and holiday seasons. Cars and buses fully fill the parking area, and children alongside of their parents fan out at every corner of the spot enjoying the facilities.
This way, WBL has come up to be a brand new icon for Lamongan.
Where to Find WBL?
WBL is territorially located in Kecamatan Paciran, Kabupaten Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia. The tourism object is established on a sideway of Surabaya-Tuban Road along the north coast road of Java. We can reach WBL from Surabaya, the capital of East Java Province, by taking 1.5-to-2-hour trip by car westward. Leaving Surabaya, heading for Gresik as the entrance way to Lamongan consecutively.
WBL is not a sole destination indeed. There are some other tourism spots comprised in one neighbourhood. They are Goa Maharani (Maharani Cave), the graves of Sunan Drajat and Sunan Sendang Duwur (Muslim saints), and Tanjung Kodok Resort.
The Playing Means Inside
Being in service regularly on daily basis, WBL welcomes visitors starting at 09.00 AM up to 05.00 PM. Entrance ticket for weekdays (Monday-Tuesday) is IDR 35,000 per person, while it is IDR 45,000 for weekends (Friday-Sunday), national holidays, and holiday seasons.
This way, you can find many kiosks regularly managed at the front entrance offering souvenirs, fish market, fruit and vegetables, and food court serving from 09.00 AM to 09.00 PM. Provided with more various facilities, WBL is set to deliver satisfaction to visitors. The supporting facilities are toilets, large parking zone, medical clinic, nourishing room for mother and baby, automatic teller machine (ATM), and mushalla (muslim’s praying room).
Once you are validated to enter the WBL gate, you are on your way to enjoy many facilities and playing means for FREE: Cat House, Insectarium Cave, Sand Playground, Waterboom, Canoes, 3D Cinema, Haunted Hospital, Rotary Coaster, Samba Jet, Mini Columbus, Water Shot, Merry-Go-Round, Bumper Car, Driving Arena, Motocross, Hunting Park, Jet Coaster, and Space Shuttle.
Facilities are upgraded steadily for visitors’ satisfaction. New equipment added every year. Check them out for the new ones as of 2009: Bumper Boat, Fish Shot, Paus Dangdut (Dancing Whale), Rodeo, and Desperado Cinema.
When you are in seek of challenging activities, you can get them within. For these, you need to pay for extra charges excluded the free facilities mentioned above. Here’s the list:
• Flying Fox = IDR 20,000 / person
• ATV = IDR 10,000 / person
• Ski Boat = IDR 10,000 / person
• Speed Boat = IDR 100,000 (max 4 persons)
• Banana Boat = IDR 175,000 (/ packet, max 5 persons)
• Traditional Ship = IDR 10,000 (/ person, max 10 persons)
• Blue Eagle = IDR 2,500,000 (/ hour, max 10 persons)
• GoKart = IDR 14,000 (/ 1 lap)
• GoKart = IDR 25,000 (/ 2 laps)

Collaborated Tourism Spots
As mentioned above, Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL) is not the sole tourism destination. Around the point, there are two existing spots established long before WBL was assembled in 2004. They are Tanjung Kodok Resort and Maharani Cave.
Tanjung Kodok is a small peninsula at the Java Sea shore. Indicated from the name, the peninsula has a frog shape (kodok = frog). Each year, Tanjung Kodok is designated for a research by Muslim astronomers to catch the first coming of the moon to determine the beginning of Ramadhan fasting period and Idul Fitri day, a month later.
Tanjung Kodok has now been developed to be a more integral tourism destination as a resort with the establishment of a three-star hotel on the west side of Tanjung Kodok. The hotel comprises 50-60 rooms set for pilgrims who make a religious trip to the graves of Muslim saints: Sunan Drajat and Sunan Sendang Duwur.

Meanwhile, Goa Maharani (Maharani Cave) is no longer to a merely cave vacation. It has now also developed to be a zoo and changes its name to Maharani Zoo & Goa.
Tanjung Kodok and Maharani Zoo & Goa are linked to WBL, establishing themselves to be an integral one-stop tourism destination in Lamongan. So, when you are in a visit to Lamongan, just take them into account.



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